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All About Kubernetes

Container: A collection of software processes unified by one namespace, with access to an operating system Kernel that it shares with other containers and little to no access between containers. Orchestration Features: orchestration manages the containers provision hosts Initiate containers on a host Restart failing containers expose containers as services outside the cluster scaling the

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All About Docker

4.Kernel kernel directly interact with hardware and responds to messages from the hardware. allocates memory, cpu, network docker is a program written by GO  it manages kernel features to build containers. uses cgroups for processes, namespaces for networks, copy-on-write file system to build images. docker: two types client and server communicate over network socket. server

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Basic Understanding of Kubernetes

Why you need Kubernetes and what it can do Containers are a good way to bundle and run your applications. In a production environment, you need to manage the containers that run the applications and ensure that there is no downtime. For example, if a container goes down, another container needs to start. Wouldn’t it

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