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React Basics

Node-Project-SFG Create: folder -> npm init to generate a project     npm i express (npm i express@4.17.0) // 4.x or latest and node i npm i mongodb npm i react react-dom npm i -D webpack webpack-cli npm i -D babel-loader @babel/cli @babel/core @babel/preset-env @babel/preset-react @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties npm i nodemon npm i eslint babel-eslint eslint-plugin-react npm

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Logging: logs/spring.log      Monitoring      Access      Debug               Events: error, warning, info, debug, trace Testing:

Java 8

Java Interfaces: static methods -> public static final void methodName(int num); //implicitly public abstract int NUMBER = 10; // implicitly public static final static int methodName2(int n){return n;} //implicitly public default methods ->

Palindrome Check

class Solution { public static void main(String[] args) { String str = “abcdcba”; System.out.println(methodName(str)); } public static boolean methodName(String str) { String nStr = “”; for(int i = str.length()-1; i>=0; i–){ nStr = nStr + str.charAt(i); }if(nStr.equals(str)){ return true; } return false; } }  

Algorithms and Data Structures

Arrays: 1) Two number Sum 2) Validate subsequence 3) Three number sum 4) Smallest difference 5) Move element to end 6) Monotonic array 7) Spiral traverse 8) Longest peak 9) Array of products 10) First duplicate value 11) Four number sum 12) Subarray sort 13) Largest range 14) Min rewards 15) Zigzag traverse 16) Apartment

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Three Number Sum

Given an array nums of n integers, are there elements a, b, c in nums such that a + b + c = 0? Find all unique triplets in the array which gives the sum of zero. Note: The solution set must not contain duplicate triplets. Example: Given array nums = [-1, 0, 1, 2,

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Deploy Spring boot app to GKE (Google Kuberenetes Engine)

create cluster -> create project (defaul namespace) -> connect cluster to local terminal. create Dockerfile in root directory -> deployement.yml; docker build -> docker push -> kubectl apply -f deployment.yml -> kubectl get pods -> kubectl get services –all -namespaces   Install Google Cloud SDK and add google-sdk/bin/gcloud  to the PATH then configure kubernetes by

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All About Kubernetes

Container: A collection of software processes unified by one namespace, with access to an operating system Kernel that it shares with other containers and little to no access between containers. Orchestration Features: orchestration manages the containers provision hosts Initiate containers on a host Restart failing containers expose containers as services outside the cluster scaling the

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All About Docker

4.Kernel kernel directly interact with hardware and responds to messages from the hardware. allocates memory, cpu, network docker is a program written by GO  it manages kernel features to build containers. uses cgroups for processes, namespaces for networks, copy-on-write file system to build images. docker: two types client and server communicate over network socket. server

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